Federal Industrial Vegetarian Exhibition


VEG-LIFE-EXPO is an annual event in Russia attended by about 5000 supporters of vegetarianism and a healthy lifestyle.

Organizers of the exhibition gather in one place 100 companies-participants who will present new products, as well as a familiar range.

The number of products that will be at the exhibition is 2500 names. And every participant of the exhibition will also tell in detail the products and give it a try.

A number of typical questions that vegetarians and HLS advocates face:

  • What cosmetics will suit my skin?
  • What should children give for immunity and development?
  • How to cleanse the body?
  • What products help prevent oncology?
  • What kind of household appliances to use at home, to independently prepare natural dishes?


  • Free admission to the exhibition
  • Free yoga classes in the sports area
  • 2500 names of goods and services for vegetarians, vegans, raw food and beetles
  • Entertainment and master classes for children
  • Tastings of products of participating companies
  • Food court vegetarian and raw food
  • Open lectures and master classes of experts, doctors, athletes and opinion leaders
  • Prizes and gifts for each visitor
  • 2 floors of the exhibition, as well as activities for visitors
  • Drawing of prizes from partners and organizers